Girl Rising

I happened to watch a part of the movie, “Girl Rising”, when my employer sponsored the screening of it. It is a movie which depicts the true stories of girls who are fighting against odds to become educated and stand on their own feet. The image of a six year old girl forced to wash dirty utensils brought tears to my eyes. My younger daughter is seven. It is ironic that we see such stories in our own life, yet we turn a blind eye and not consider taking any steps. During my growing years, I have seen many girls aged less than ten, working in houses as maids and I know that it is still happening. I had taken one step towards helping a child get educated last year. I pray that I get the courage to stand up and do what I can the next time I encounter child labour and I hope that you do the same. If you are reading this post and want to help but are considering to start helping once you are well off or when you retire, I urge you to think again. The meager amount that you spend today on a child will be invaluable compared to the amount you may be spending ten years down the line. For in those ten years, another child would have lost his or her opportunity to get educated.

Here is the link to the trailer of the movie, Girl Rising.


Image Source: Wikipedia Commons