The journey continues

Ok, it’s been a long time since I posted anything on this website. A lot of changes have happened in my life in the last year and I have been running around just to… keep up with life… perhaps.

But over this time, I have had an excellent critique, Elizabeth Redd, edit and review my book and was fortunate to receive a thorough feedback from her. I have now gone through another round of corrections to the script.

I am getting the cover redesigned by a professional. Crossing my fingers about how it would turn out. I am also working on the final touches and figuring out how to get reviews for my book. Basically creating the marketing plan.

Need to decide if I should give Kindle Select a try or keep my options open with all venues. I am leaning towards not going via kindle. Too many difficult choices out there!

Journey of “The Independent Girl”

The story, ‘The Independent Girl’ was first posted on Wattpad in 2012 as I wrote it. I edited the first draft and by April 2013, I thought it was in good shape and was eager to self publish it. I realized later that it was a blunder. I did manage to sell a few eBooks but since I myself saw flaws in my book, I didn’t feel confident enough to market it. Especially since I learnt some new things about editing and realized that it needed more cleanup.

Here is the link to the wattpad book by Angela Stevens that made me rethink how much editing my book needed:

By this time, I had already put up my story in smashwords and amazon and even had a couple of 5 star reviews on smashwords with amazing comments (no, these reviews were not from friends and family!)

After researching more and taking advice from helpful authors such as Robert Bidinotto ( and Priyanka Yadvendu (, I decided to unpublish the book, get it edited and republish it.

This has been a difficult phase for me, as it took me almost a year to get there. I went through the painful process of editing and even used the tool, Prowritingaid to catch issues with my writing. I had no idea that I had so much of love for the word “felt”. Yeah, I had it everywhere… he felt… she felt…get it?

After doing all the improvements that I could think of, I got it edited professionally by Emily Nemchick ( and was very happy with the results.

Finally, I got three copies printed and distributed them for proof reading. This gave me a chance to see how the physical book looks like and if I needed to adjust the text size/ margins etc.

And yeah, I also took the plunge and created this website. So far, I have a wattpad account, a twitter account, a facebook page and a website. Hope this is enough to build my author profile? Frankly, this all seems to be too daunting right now. But hopefully, this is all worthwhile.

Next steps:

Cover redesign.
Decide on printing options [Want to make printed book available as well].
Book formatting and conversion.
Figure out a book release date.
Get reviews.